Jann Howell, Animal Communicator

Dog Horse Sabrina Jadey

Welcome to the fascinating world of
animal communication!

Animals have done a fabulous job of decoding what we say to them, and they have learned to respond, but most people have never closed the loop by learning the animal's language and hearing what they have to say back to us. That's where an animal communicator comes in - to help you know what our beloved animals want to share with us, and to answer some of those questions we might have for them.

Animals tend to communicate through our senses. We communicators may see, hear or smell the things they experience. We may detect a weakness in our bodies where they may feel pain, and we most certainly get exuberant feelings when they express their joy.

How is this done? It's very simple, really. Most of us work from a picture of your companion animal. This helps us key into them. We give them a hello and the conversation begins! And this works just as well for animals who have passed into the spirit world because they still have things they would like for you to know.

I am also an animal chaplain, so if I can help you with a celebration of a new member of your animal family, or the celebration of the end of a life, let me know!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!